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Allison Kunath Artist Edition Candle Set: Mojave Embers, Saffron Bloom, Petrichor

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Mojave Embers: Inspired by the smell of smoke in your hair the morning after a campfire, and dusty desert roads at night. Notes of clove and pine float above a heart of smoky incense and damp moss anchored by a woodsy, musky base of birch, amber, vanilla, santal, and cedar. 

Saffron Bloom:Inspired by an altar offering incense, herbs and sweet honey. Tobacco, leather, and rich black soil. A spicy saffron top note highlights a heart of elemi, incense, and moss over a rich base of cashmere wood, patchouli, birch, and olibanum.

Petrichor: Inspired by the scent of the California High Desert after the first rain of the season. Creosote, desert sage, and sun baked rocks. Lighter florals of lavender, desert rose and earthy agave contrast beautifully with herbaceous wild thyme and sage brush and a base of dusty woods, wild musk, and patchouli.

We collaborated on this collection of beautiful glass candles with California-based artist, Allison Kunath, known for her minimalist aesthetic, ethereal geometric watercolors, graceful figurative abstractions, and awe-inspiring murals. Kunath drew each figure with one single unbroken line "capturing the essence of feminine grace, strength, and beauty." 

*Ten percent of the proceeds from the sale of each one of these candles will be donated to Planned Parenthood, Equality Now, and Fòs Feminista. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Laura J.
So unique!

These candles have exceeded my expectations. The scents are rich and full of nature - we particularly like petrichor - and the frosted glass vessels glow beautifully when lit. I’ve been eyeing these since they were released, and I’m so glad we finally grabbed the set!

EIris A.
Beautifully done & beyond intoxicating smell

I gave them all as gifts and after the this time of giving I will certainly be buying them again as they were loved and even through the boxes I could smell the awesome fragrance! They were a hit with a range of different women in my life I gifted them too!!! I love all your candles!

Gina M.
Unique and Sophisticated

BCS continues to create simply beautiful scents. Scents you will not find anywhere else. Scents that aren’t artificial or cheap smelling but rather luxurious and curated by an obvious professional who know what he/she is doing. These three scents are amazing!!! I would prefer their throw to be stronger but I am still in love with this set (I ended up buying 3 of them).

Catherine C.
Love at first smell

These candles are perfect.


I received this set as a well-meaning Mother's Day gift. I cannot comment on the scent as I immediately was put off by the trite sexualization of the obviously AA women depicted. These images are not empowerment or beauty, but rather the age-old sexualization of AA women perpetrated as homage.

Hi Dee, thank you for taking the time to leave a review and share your thoughts. We reached out to Allison Kunath, the artist with whom we collaborated for this collection, in regards to your feedback. She confirmed that she referenced women of all backgrounds -- specifically drawing on an image of a woman with Asian, European, as well as African descent for each of the three drawings -- when creating these illustrations.

We respect everyone's opinion, but please understand that your interpretation of these line drawings is entirely subjective. Allison has commented that all of the drawings were created with peace, ease, and calm as the energetic undertones. These drawings are meant to convey grace, strength and beauty, as our product description says. We are sorry that this collection has upset you, but we hope you now have a clearer understanding of the intention behind it. Please feel free to connect with us if you have any additional concerns!

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