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Please log in to manage your subscription. Once logged in, click “Manage Subscription” to access the following settings:

  • View/change billing information
  • View/change shipping names and addresses
  • View/change subscription products
  • View/change upcoming subscription dates
  • Skip a month
  • Cancel your subscription

If you do not have an account or do not know if you have an account, please click here and enter your email address. You will receive email instructions on how to activate your account.

If you have lost your password, please email to request a password reset.


What is the difference between the regular and Deluxe Candle of the Month Subscriptions?

The regular Candle of the Month subscription comes with (1) 7.5 oz jar candle, usually similar to our Minimalist candles, and (1) box of matches.

The Deluxe Candle of the Month subscription comes with (1) 7.5 oz jar candle, (1) Gold Travel Candle, and (1) box of matches.

Why doesn’t my discount code work?

As outlined in the product description, subscription products are not eligible for any discount codes. If your cart contains any subscription products, any discount codes will not work. Please purchase subscriptions separately from other products.

When will my subscription ship?

Your subscription will ship within (1) business day from the date of purchase each month. For example, if you purchase your first box on January 10th, your first box should ship by January 11th, then February 11th, March 11th, etc. 

Business days do not include weekends or holidays. If we are closed for an extended holiday weekend or break, your subscription will ship within one week of our re-opening.

Can I change my subscription date?

Yes, you can change this in your subscription settings. Please log in and click “Manage Subscription”.

If you would like a certain subscription box to arrive around a specific date (for a birthday or holiday), please reach out to us at so we can ensure our fulfillment team meets your request.

Can I gift a subscription?

Yes! Please make sure to use the shipping address for the gift recipient when checking out. If you would also like your giftee to receive email notifications regarding the subscription, please use their email address at checkout. You can always change the email address associated with the subscription by logging in and clicking “Manage Subscription”.

We recommend purchasing a pre-paid subscription when buying as a gift.

How do I purchase a subscription for [x] amount of months?

If you would like to purchase a subscription for less than 6 months or on a rolling basis, please subscribe to one off our auto-renew options and cancel at least one day before the date for when your next subscription is scheduled. You can cancel at any time by logging in and clicking “Manage your Subscription”.

Do not change the quantity of the subscription to the amount of months you would like to receive the subscription. If you do so, you will receive that many boxes each month.

Do you offer pre-paid subscription options?

We offer pre-paid options for 6- and 12-month subscriptions. If you purchase one of these pre-paid options, you will be charged once at the time of the first purchase and packages will be sent out on a monthly basis until the end of the subscription term. Your pre-paid subscription will not automatically renew.