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Article: Why Scented Candles Make the Best Gifts

Why Scented Candles Make the Best Gifts

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This year, you will likely be racking your brain trying to think of gift ideas for any number of people who range from very close loved ones to random recipients of White Elephant during the holiday season.

Fear not. There is one gift that is almost universally appreciated, even by those who initially may scoff at it. I’m talking, of course, about candles.

So, is a candle a good gift for your friends and loved ones? Why are candles a good gift for those dear to your heart? What makes them such a universally acceptable gift? Here are a few of the major benefits of adding scented candles to your gift repertoire.


Natural Light

You don’t have to be a romantic to appreciate the soft, warm glow of a candle. In a world that is increasingly besieged by the glare of screens, give your eyes (and your brain) a break and enjoy some lovely candlelight. Scientists have begun to study the effects of artificial light, broadly concluding that it has completely changed our sleep cycles. Viewing screens at night (as we all do) can restrict melatonin and make the brain more alert. Reducing artificial light may help calm you and likely help you sleep better than you would staring into your Instagram feed just before bed. And if your gift recipient is like most of us, she could probably use a little more sleep.

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A balanced, scented candle can do wonders for your mood, bringing back joyful memories or awakening a sense of calm in the mind. Turning to science once again, there are numerous studies that demonstrate the power of smell in evoking emotions and memories. There is also evidence that the right smells can help reduce anxiety, promote wellness, and in the case of lavender in particular, even help with chronic pain.

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Energy (and Money) Savers

Although it may not be advisable to read for extended periods of time in candlelight, turning off artificial lights for a while to enjoy a book, a meal, or a conversation can also help save on energy consumption as well as your monthly bill. This may appeal to the more pragmatic, energy-conscious, or frugal among gift recipients.

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Candles are cozy. They just are. No science needed for this one, but if you need to try out an experiment, light your favorite candle, grab a blanket, curl up on the couch, and measure whether or not the cozy factor has increased. If it hasn’t, add some hot tea or cocoa and repeat.

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Part of the allure of candlelight is almost inexplicable, perhaps the reason why candles have been used in religious and meditative practices for centuries. We are drawn to their beauty, the way the flame dances on the wick and warms the room in its soft glow. At its best, the candle vessel will also evoke a sense of beauty, whether that is simple and clean, modern, whimsical, unusual or more ornate. Combining both form and function, candles allow us to express our design aesthetic and scent preferences, while also drawing us into a relaxed, meditative state.

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Much like the late, great David Bowie, candles are hip, shiny, and not conventionally male or female. Whether you prefer aromas that are floral, woodsy, earthy, citrusy, or anything in between, there is a scent that appeals to all of us.

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It may not be obvious that candles have accessories...but we think every ritual deserves its own special set of accoutrement. While our style is mostly minimal, we enjoy a pop of color. If you are shopping for someone with a bit of flair, we’ve got the goods. From gold wick trimmers to our chic, colorful matches, we have all the accessories for that hip guy or gal on your list.

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What remains timeless and never fades from style? Candles. Consider their journey. Spanning centuries, they have transformed in design and fragrance but have perpetually held a place in our lives. So, is a candle a good gift? Absolutely! Offering one is like presenting a timeless memento, an emblem that surpasses fleeting trends. Seamlessly, a candle can illuminate a vintage-themed party or radiate elegance in a contemporary, minimalist space.

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The phrase "treat yourself" has become increasingly popular and for a good reason. In today's fast-paced world, taking a moment for self-reflection and relaxation is paramount. Scented candles as gifts offer more than just a pleasant aroma. Candles, especially those infused with essential oils, provide an instant atmosphere of tranquility. When you gift a candle, you're not merely presenting an item to a loved one; you're bestowing the perfect sanctuary of calm. It's an opportunity for the recipient to take a deep breath, ease into relaxation, delve into introspection, or perhaps savor a good book.

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We all seek to give gifts that resonate with a personal touch, demonstrating thoughtfulness in our selection. So, is a candle a good gift when aiming for that individualized sentiment? Definitely! With candles, adding that personal touch becomes effortlessly achievable.

Candles as a gift can be tailored perfectly to an individual's unique preferences. Whether your friend is drawn to the invigorating whispers of the ocean or the profound undertones of a woodland forest, there's an aroma tailored for them. By selecting a candle that aligns with their tastes, you're bestowing an immersive sensory experience that deeply connects with their essence.

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As we grow more conscious of our planet, giving candles as gifts, meaning you're emphasizing eco-friendliness, becomes vital. Many candles, especially those made of soy or beeswax, are sustainable and burn cleaner than traditional paraffin ones. Gifting such candles shows that you care for the recipient and Mother Earth.

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Memorable Moments

Lastly, candles have this uncanny ability to bookmark memories. Consider this: a distinct aroma can transport us to a beloved holiday, a memorable date, or the halls of our childhood home. So, is a candle a good gift? We firmly believe it is! In giving a candle, you gift a scent and a new chapter in their story. Each time it's lit, the recipient is embraced by that singular moment and, most importantly, by the thought of you.

Candle Pairing: Sunday Morning

So, are you ready to help your friends and family get lit!? We hope you’ll check out some of our gift ideas and give the gift that everyone (sometimes secretly) will appreciate.