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The Perfect Reed Diffuser For Every Room

Reed diffusers are an elegant and sophisticated addition to any room. They use natural wood reeds to absorb and disperse fragrance oils, creating a subtle, long-lasting scent that’ll continue to waft throughout your space for hours. Plus, their contemporary glass bottles come in a variety of shapes and sizes, making it easy to incorporate them into your existing decor. The best part of our high-end fragrance diffusers is the versatility of the scents we provide. You can invigorate any space with a pleasant, light perfume that matches your aesthetic and aromatherapy needs. 

Let’s take a closer look at how the scents of oil reed diffusers can be customized to the space they’ll occupy:

1. A Fresh and Briny Ocean Breeze for Bathrooms

Ocean-inspired scents are perfect for bathrooms because they evoke feelings of relaxation, tranquility, and cleanliness. Too often, bathrooms are treated as functional elements of a home, and the opportunities they provide for moments of solitude and self-care remain overlooked. But with the right reed oil diffuser, you can restore a spa-like atmosphere and make your bathroom a place of tranquility and relaxation. Look for fragrances like sea salt, driftwood, and bergamot for a fresh, coastal vibe that exhilarates the senses.

2. A Lush and Fruity Bouquet for Home Offices

The vibrant, invigorating scents of fruit are ideal for home offices because they promote productivity, alertness, and concentration. They’re also associated with feelings of cheerfulness, which is ideal for maintaining a positive mood throughout the day. Look for diffusers with fragrances like fig, amber, or citrus, as they’ll bring a radiance to the room and keep you motivated all day long.

3. An Earthy, Sophisticated Oak for Living Areas

The rich and earthy aroma of oak wood is often associated with comfort, security, and tradition, making it the perfect choice for establishing a refined and welcoming environment in your living room. It’ll add a grounding element to your space, making guests feel at ease, while also combating unpleasant odors. Oak pairs well with patchouli, wild sage, or orange blossom — all of which contribute to the suaveness and stylishness of a living area.

Elevate Your Space with Reed Diffusers

Knowing how to use scented room diffusers is essential for maximizing their effectiveness and getting the most fragrance out of your unit. 

Here’s a quick guide to help you get started:

1. Choose a Suitable Location

When selecting the right spot for your room diffuser, consider the size and layout of the space, as well as the traffic flow and how the scent will be dispersed. It's always best to place the diffuser in a well-ventilated area where air can circulate freely, as it’ll help distribute the scent more evenly. We also encourage avoiding heat sources, such as fireplaces or radiators, as they can decrease the lifespan of your diffuser and intensify its fragrance. And last but not least, avoid areas where your diffuser could be easily tipped over, since the oils inside can stain carpets and other fabrics and may be difficult to remove.

2. Insert the Reeds

To insert the reeds into your diffuser, simply remove the stopper from the bottle and place the reeds into the oil, making sure the bottoms of the reeds are fully immersed.

3. Rotate the Reeds

After the reeds have soaked for a few minutes, carefully remove the reeds and flip them over so the saturated ends are facing up, then place them back into the bottle to start the diffusing process.

4. Let It Diffuse

As the fragranced reeds are exposed to the air they begin to evaporate, creating a subtle, long-lasting scent. If the scent begins to fade, simply rotate the reeds again so the most-recently soaked ends are exposed.

5. Replace When Empty

When a reed diffuser is empty, it’ll no longer emit fragrance into the air. This usually happens after several weeks or months, depending on the size of the diffuser and the frequency of use. When you notice the fragrance has dissipated, it’s time to refill or replace the diffuser. To refill the diffuser, simply remove the old reeds and pour in a fresh supply of scented oil. If you do not have extra oil or you want to switch up your scents, simply replace the entire diffuser with a new one.

Reed Diffusers You Can Feel Good About

There are plenty of reasons to shop our collection of oil reed diffusers. Here’s a quick look at the benefits we provide to our cherished customers:

1. Custom-Made Glass Bottles

Each of our scented reed diffusers comes in a hand-made glass bottle that’s intentionally simplistic and understated in its design, adding soft and subtle elegance to any space. Regardless of your interior design style, these minimalist glass bottles will blend in seamlessly while providing the perfect touch of refinement.

2. High Quality Rattan Reeds

Our reeds are created from rattan sourced from Indonesia. Indonesian rattan is medium-density rattan and thus the reeds have superior wicking properties, so they’re highly effective at absorbing and diffusing essential oils for a long-lasting, intoxicating aroma. 

3. Dreamy Scents That Delight the Senses

From the distinguished, woodsy aroma of cedar and pine, to the calming and comforting fragrance of lavender and jasmine, our reed diffusers are thoughtfully blended to reawaken the mind, body, and soul while maximizing aromatherapy benefits. With just one deep breath, you’ll be transported to new destinations — like a field of wild blossoms or the verdant olive groves of Santorini, Greece.

We truly believe we offer the best reed diffusers for consumers who appreciate style, elegance, and sustainability. Find your scent today! 

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