Mojave Embers - Allison Kunath Artist Edition Candle


TOP NOTES: Clove, Pine
MIDDLE NOTES: Incense, Moss
BASE NOTES: Birch, Amber, Vanilla, Santal, Cedar

"Inspired by the smell of smoke in your hair the morning after a campfire, and dusty desert roads at night. Cedar, palo santo, and bitter spice.–Allison Kunath

We collaborated on this collection of beautiful glass candles with California-based artist, Allison Kunath, known for her minimalist aesthetic, ethereal geometric watercolors, graceful figurative abstractions, and awe-inspiring murals. Kunath drew each figure with one single unbroken line "capturing the essence of feminine grace, strength, and beauty."

Ten percent of the proceeds from the sale of each one of these candles will be donated to Planned Parenthood, Equality Now, and Fòs Feminista.



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